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What to Expect at Our Veterinary Clinic


The relationship between your pet and your veterinarian should last a lifetime, so it's important to choose one who is caring and experienced in all aspects of veterinary care. At Hartland Park Animal Hospital our entire veterinary team is committed to giving you the finest in patient care as well as the best in convenient client services. Our equipment is all state of the art, and it allows us to give our furry patients the kind of care they need to ensure long and happy lives.


Pet Wellness Care

We believe that preventative care is the very best way to make sure your pet stays healthy, so regular pet wellness examinations are the cornerstone of our practice. This exam is a nose-to-tail checkup that includes:

  • Weighing and measuring to make sure your pet isn't in danger of becoming obese
  • A thorough dental examination including teeth, tongue, gums, and mouth. We'll check for infection, tartar, and any other oral hygiene issues
  • Checking for parasites, both inside and out
  • Looking at your pet's ears to rule out ear mites or infection
  • A view of your pet's skin and fur to look for nutritional or allergy problems


More Preventative Medical Procedures

The annual wellness checkup is just the beginning of our preventative veterinary medicine. Every pet that comes into our office will receive a number of vaccines. We'll begin with core vaccines, which every animal receives, then move on to non-core ones which are only administered to those animals that need them according to their environment or lifestyle.

Parasites are a problem for almost every pet, and we administer medications such as topical drops for flea and tick prevention as well as monthly heartworm medication for your pet's internal health.

We feel very strongly that one of the most important veterinary procedures we can do with pets is to spay or neuter them as early as possible. Not only does neutering and spaying prevent unwanted litters, but they eliminate the chance of your pet contracting certain types of deadly cancers. Simply put, animals that are spayed or neutered live longer and healthier lives, which is the goal of everyone on our team.


The Right Team for Your Pet

It's important that you choose a veterinarian you can have a good working relationship with. Our veterinarian, Dr. Lee Cundiff, is calm and caring, with the perfect personality for dealing with pets of any temperament. He's always willing to spend extra time to explain the procedures your pet will experience. If a specialized emergency happens, our vet will be happy to refer you to a specialist to care for your pet and will offer post-operative care to help your dog or cat to recover as quickly as possible.


Make an Appointment

If you've been looking for a new veterinarian, come tour our office and meet our team. Give us a call at (859) 245-7387 to schedule an appointment today.


Prescription Requests

Hartland Park Animal Hospital stocks most medications and diets, preventative or therapeutic, that your pet may need. We typically price these at the same price as large online pharmacies. Purchasing these through our clinic helps us keep our prices lower for more frequent services (exams, vaccinations, etc.).

However, we are unable to stock EVERY medication and EVERY diet. Therefore, we may provide you with a written prescription for a specific diet or medication your pet may need. These can be used at local and online pet pharmacies and pet stores. 

We also recognize the potential savings (don't forget about shipping costs!) and ease of receiving some products directly at home. To comply with local, state, and federal regulations, we will provide a written prescription upon request for any medication/diet your pet may need. You may then provide this prescription to any pharmacy of your choice. 

We will not communicate with third-party online pharmacies/pet stores in any format. This policy ensures that Hartland Park Animal Hospital is not held liable for medication mistakes or shipping issues made by your selected pharmacy.

If you elect to use a national online pharmacy, you must work with them directly by providing them with a written prescription from Hartland Park Animal Hospital. 

We request 48 hours to process your request for a written prescription. 

Sometimes, we may telephone a prescription into a LOCAL pharmacy to expedite the process. 

These polices are in place to enable you to obtain your pet's medications/diets in the manner you desire.