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Payment Options with Our Vet


When bringing your pet in for veterinary care, the last thing you need to worry about is paying for the procedures. At Hartland Park Animal Hospital we understand that financial issues can be a challenge, so we offer a wide variety of payment options. In order to save time that might be better spent on our animal patients, we don't offer billing in our office. All services must be paid for the day they occur. This helps to keep costs down as well as allowing us to focus on what's the most important: the well-being of our patient


Payment Types Accepted:           *Cash      *Local Checks       *Debit Cards       *Credit Cards       *Care Credit  

All cards must belong to the person paying.

 If you apply for CareCredit at our veterinary hospital, we'll call it in for immediate approval. If you're expecting a large veterinary bill and would like to apply ahead of time, you can do so at www.carecredit.com.


Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is different than traditional human health insurance. It acts as a reimbursement for your pet's healthcare. You pay the veterinary provider and then submit the necessary documents (vary based on the company) to receive reimbursement funds. If your company requires medical records we can forward them to your email so you can supply your insurance provider with requested documents. If you'd like to find out more about pet insurance, we recommend checking these two websites:

  1. www.petinsurance.com
  2. www.ASPCApetinsurance.com