Hartland Park Animal Hospital

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Prescription Policies


*Hartland Park Animal Hospital stocks most medications and diets, preventative or therapeutic, that your pet may need. We typically price these at the same price as large online pharmacies. Purchasing these through our clinic helps us keep our prices lower for more frequent services (exams, vaccinations, etc.).  As a small business, we are not able to stock all medications or diets.  

*We Also Offer:  Written Prescriptions (only for non-controlled substances)  and   Telephone Prescriptions           

These may take up to 24 hours to process, but are usually provided the same day as the request. Once they are sent to the pharmacy we have no control in the order they are filled/completed. 

Compounding Pharmacies

In some cases, pet medications must be compounded to a specific dose for your pet.  We use local and nationally accredited compounding pharmacies.

   Third Party Pharmacies 

*Third Party Pharmacies (internet, etc.):  We will not communicate with third-party online pharmacies/pet stores in any format (email, fax, telephone). This policy ensures that Hartland Park Animal Hospital is not held liable for medication mistakes or shipping issues made by your selected pharmacy.  If you wish to receive medications through these avenues then we will provide a written prescription for you to send to the pharmacy of your choice.