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Information and Resources for Our New Patients


We're happy to welcome you and your pet to Hartland Park Animal Hospital for that all-important first visit. In addition to making a good impression right from the beginning, our veterinary team will make every effort to provide exactly the right services for your favorite animal's particular breed, age, and state of health. We also look forward to putting your pet at ease and making yet another friend among our furry clientele. In the meantime, feel free to use the information on this page as a guide for understanding what this first visit entails and how to make it proceed as successfully as possible.


Take Advantage of Our Online Forms

One thing you'll notice if you browse this website is that we maintain online forms for our first-time patients' owners. This can be extremely helpful if you'd rather have all your pre-appointment documentation taken care of before you walk into the clinic. You can download a basic form that asks for information about your pet, as well as a pre-operative and post-operative guide for pets who will undergo surgery. You can bring in the basic information form, or you can fax it to our clinic. If your pet has medical records from a previous veterinarian, you can ask that veterinarian to forward the data to us, or you can ask us to make that request for you. Feel free to bring any additional records or documents you may have in your own possession. If your puppy or kitten has never been to a vet before, then just bring your puppy or kitten!


Your Pet's First Visit to Us

What will happen at your pet's first appointment? It depends on your pet's immediate needs. If you're worried about a specific injury, ailment or behavior, of course we want to diagnose that problem and provide any necessary treatment right away. In most other cases, a general wellness exam usually makes sense for the first visit, since it provides us with a baseline for measuring your pet's well-being from visit to visit. Wellness care during the initial visit is especially critical for puppies or kittens, who typically require routine procedures such as de-worming, vaccinations, blood tests, dental examination, vital sign checks, and examination of exterior features for any signs of infestation or injury. A puppy or kitten's first vet visit is also a good time to talk about pet care essentials such as nutrition, diet, environment and exercise.


We Look Forward to Meeting You!

Whatever procedures we administer, we'll also be bonding with your pet so he will feel as comfortable visiting us as possible for many years to come. We hope that your first visit with us will also give you confidence in our skilled team as your pet's primary care provider for life. If you're ready to make that first appointment, use our online appointment scheduler or call (859) 245-7387 today. See you soon!